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bottling in .5L German bottles

I think that .5L weizen bottles are a perfect bottling container.

storing and moving .5L bottles

Storing and moving the bottles is somewhat problematic. Germans move the .5L bottles around in a plastic rack that holds 10L (ie. 20 x .5L). The internal latticework keeps the bottles from bumping and jostling each other. The crates stack easily as high as you care to lift them. I brought three of them home with me when I processed out of the army.

Since these racks are not easily acquired in the States , I needed another method. After some experimentation I found something that worked, and used free materials. I take normal cardboard boxes from a case of American beer and cut the top flaps off with a razorknife. This allows the taller bottles to stick out the top. I put in as many bottles as will fit (18-20). Then I invert a beer flat over the top. The beer is completely covered and you have a nice surface to stack another case on; in this pic you can see the cases in the back are stacked 6-high stably.

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