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Corona grain mills for the homebrewer

bag of corona-crushed grain Yes, your roller mill is sexy.
No, I am not willing to shell out that kind of cash. :-)

This page is designed to help people who own a Corona-style grain mill get better results on the cheap. It is not designed to convince anyone that a Corona is better than a roller mill, is a better value than a roller mill, or that it will bring about world peace or make us better looking.

Note that there are many Corona-styles mills out there (victoria, porkert, etc); I use Corona as a generic term to mean all such mills for the rest of this document.

Some collected tips

The corona is cheap and usually requires some fiddling. Here is how to address some common tweaks needed to make it a workable part of your all-grain or partial mash process. If you don't want to tweak and adjust then pony up $150+ for a roller mill (and maybe have to tweak a little anyhow).

where to buy

The best way to get one of these is to find it at a garage sale of thrift store. $10 is a great deal; I don't think I'd pay more than $20. Since they are very heavy they tend to be expensive to ship. The chief virtue of these mills are that they are cheap and plentiful; paying too much defeats the purpose.

Note that sometimes people will list meat grinders as grain mills. They look similar but the output-end is different. Meat grinders have a cap with holes, and grain mills have a bracket that holds the grinding plates on, sometimes with a cover over the plates. Truly, the meat grinder will not work for grain milling purposes.

Some threads and other resources

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