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The Big Idea

suspended medium yeast sediment Some old mycological journals (back to the early 20th c.) describe methods that fungus and bacteria researches used to preserve live specimens without refrigeration. This suspension method may be useful to homebrewers.

This page is a very early first draft. Here is my original blog entry on this topic. Scans of the article that the blog refers to can be found as a torrent. There is also an HBD post on the topic. The Craftbrewer podcasts in Oct-Nov 2007 discuss the technique.

Potential benefits of the process

Storage of the yeast

  1. pour 3-5ml of distilled into a culture tube or other autoclavable container.
  2. cap loosely and sterilize in autoclave or pressure canner. Allow to cool.
  3. use an inoculating loop to deposit a matchhead-sized glob of yeast culture in each tube. Include no agar/substrate/media: the yeast must be starved
  4. cap, shake to distribute, seal w/parafilm or similar, store at room temp. Upon shaking the water will appear milky with suspended yeast, but the yeast will settle out after a couple of hours.

Recovery of the yeast

  1. shake tube, unseal, and loosen cap
  2. streak plate with a noc loop dipped in the water. Use the streaked culture to build a starter, or restreak into slants,freezes (gly* solutions), or other suspensions.
  3. close and store. Re-use until recultured or contaminated, if desired.

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