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Scanning in Richardson, Tx

Richardson has its own EDACS trunked radio system. You will need a "trunk tracking" scanner to monitor this system. Basically, a trunked system is a way that lets many different communication groups to share a small number of frequencies instead of having dedicated channels. Instead, comm groups are in the same "talkgroups", which are identified by a number.

what it sounds like

Dallas recently moved to plain language communications, but Richardson still uses 10-codes. Here are are couple of the most common ones you will hear: Call Signals 4 burglar alarm 12 Disturbance, fight 14 Drunk person 22 Intoxicated driver 31 Holdup alarm 43 Minor accident 44 Major accident 50 911 Hangup

The transmissions are quick, factual, and unemotional. Any particularly sensitive or lurid information is likely to go through the MDT (the LEOs data terminal) or cell phone ("public service").

If you want to learn more about scanning in DFW, join the DFW Scan yahoo group.

Recommended systems for scanning

  • media (tv/radio) remote broadcasts
  • Richardson ISD: 155.175, 482.8625/485.8625

    / GnuPG public key

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