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a geek and his GPS

The Dear Wife got me a Garmin Legend GPS for Christmas 2004 and it was the best present ever. GPS technology has changed my life in a way that only a cellphone did before that.

Unexpected benefits

  1. I no longer lose my car in big parking lots. :-) I have a Favorite called parking which I relocate waypoint here when parking somewhere large. Sounds geeky but next time you're wandering in a parking lot feeling sheepish, think of a $100 gps and whether or not it's worth it.
  2. GeoCaching is free, fun, and resembles exercise.
  3. The GPS helps keep me oriented. I would have thought that a crutch like a GPS would make me dependant on it, but it has actually encouraged me to take new and interesting ways to get places. My adventurous side comes out. Want to know where that street comes out? Follow it. You can always find your way back. :-)
  4. Seeing map features as I commute teaches me about things I didn't know were there. There are small lakes and things near me every day, and I had no idea they were there at all.
  5. The ETA function tells me what time I'll get home, or to work. Very nifty for judging if I'm on time or not.
  6. The distance function teaches me how far apart things really are in feet, miles, and time.
  7. The time to destination (ETA) information tells me when I am in danger of being late somewhere, barring unforeseen weirdness of course.
  8. You can post or use .gpx files as a virtual tour guide of your town or some other area. For example, when people ask me what to see while in Dallas/Carrollton, I tell them to download my data files which contains good beer bars, architectural sites, good grocery stores, etc.
In addition to the obvious geeky wonderfullness I have found these benefits: why the Garmin and not Magellan or Lowrance? At my end of the market (low- and mid-range mapping handhelds) or for geocaching you probably can't go wrong with any manufacturer.

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