mouse uses and recommends...

I try to use freeware and open source software, donating to particularly useful projects and individuals.

Donations: AdFad (CM developer for p500 platform), CyanogenMod for android phones, chirp radio programming software.
Flattrs on my Flattr profile
Forums: Two Wheel Texans, Home Brew Talk
Microloans instead of charity: Kiva on its own page
Android apps on their own page
and even a few pieces of commercial software: Bluewave. Doom, Doom II.


Ekiga client with Diamondcard back end for PC-to-Phone calls.


Zenni Optical has made me two pair of perfectly serviceable eyeglasses for cheap. My single grind were $20-something (shipped). Bifocals were $50-something. Wal-mart also made me a serviceable pair, although they cost about 2X what they do from Zenni.

I love my celestial binos and 6" reflector from Celestron.

music software

I recommened abcde for ripping to mp3 with LAME, or to flac, or to ogg-vorbis (yay, ogg!), or any combination thereof.

Special mention: Rockbox is probably better than any Original Firmware (OF hereafter). It loads beside the OF which means you can toggle between rockboxy goodness and OF luserness whenever you like. Some incomplete rockbox ports still use the OF for USB connctions as the driver hasn't been figured out yet.
Here are some reasons to use rockbox:

music hardware

Android phone.

Basically anything that will take rockbox (see above). SD card expansion is a bonus, so I like the Sandisk Sansa c200v1, e200v1 and v2, etc. If you shop carefully you can get any of these for $20 or so on the eBay/refurb market.

Operating Systems

I use mainly linux distros; my thoughts on the matter and recommended distros are elsewhere.

multimedia software

MythTV via the Mythbuntu distro.

multimedia hardware


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Shameless commerce
See "mouse recommends" at Amazon or in Amazon electronics.
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