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"You don't save grasshoppers by feeding them when winter comes; you save grasshoppers by turning them into ants." -- Jack Spirko.
"When grasshoppers get hungry they turn into locusts." -- LdMorgan

kerosene lamps (wickies)

Kirkman kero lamp Kerosene lamps are much simpler (and one might argue more reliable) than Coleman lanterns. They use less fuel per hour than Colemans but are much less efficient. A coleman burns about 2x the fuel of a wickie but generates 15-50x the candlepower. Sometimes that's what you want. The gentle light from a kero lantern is perfect for sitting around talking and can be turned down quite low.

you may not know

that lanterns like these are called "tubular lanterns" after the air tubes that lead from the top to bottom of the lamp. I used to think they were just structural but the tubes actually deliver air to the burner in either "hot blast" or "cold blast" fashion (see the faq mentioned below).

my kero lanterns

If you have any interest at all in wicked kerosene lamps I recommend you start with Mr. Kirkman's Lantern FAQ, particularly the section about fuels.

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