I took the Tech exam at the Ham Assn. of Mesquite's VE testing location in July 2012 and was issued KF5RCA about 2 weeks later.

My grid square is EM12pw in southeast Richardson. I work deep nights in EM12pt so you may hear me check in from an HT late at night on my "lunch" break.


I am interested in PSK31, packet, and whatever BBS/store+forward action is left out there.

It may be heretical to say, but I don't have interest in (or room/money for) HF work. Every thing I'm interested in fits within the Tech license rubric. I might continue on to take the other exam[s], but it would be for personal development and not for the additional privileges.


On the non-ham side, I have various bits of FRS/GMRS gear, a Uniden Grant XL ssb 11m rigI'm setting up in the house and an old Sears Roadtalker ssb 11m rig I'll put in the truck. It's old/ugly enough I don't think even crackheads would try to steal it.

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